Editorial: Engadget on the Apple iPad

Editorial: Engadget on the Apple iPad

As you can probably imagine, Engadget HQ has been boiling over with heated discussion of Apple’s new iPad today. Love it or hate it (and a lot of you seem to hate it), it’s hard not to see it as a pretty bold statement of what Apple thinks general-purpose computing should look like in the future: a giant iPhone. As you can imagine, that’s a provocative vision, and it’s simply not possible to try and condense the opinions of the staff into one Grand Unified Theory of the iPad — so we’re going to do what we did for the Kindle DX and the Droid, and let everyone speak for themselves. Let’s kick it off with the three people who’ve actually seen and used this thing: Josh, Ross, and Joystiq’s Chris Grant.

Μεγάλο κείμενο αλλά ενδιαφέρον. Ξεχωρίζω το σχόλιο:

That’s why I’m disappointed in the product as it stands for my own use, but not at all disappointed in Apple bringing it to market: I think it’s a stepping stone for a new kind of computing that could truly be «revolutionary» and «magical» to a whole different class of people than ergonomically-challenged couch surfers.

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