Apple iPad: The definitive guide (so far)

Apple iPad: The definitive guide (so far)

Those issues aside, the combination of beautiful hardware and elegant software is undeniable, and what Apple may have lacked in imagination, the legion of iPhone developers certainly will not. The possibilities for this device are huge, and we have no doubt that devs around the globe will take full advantage of that — just as they have on the iPhone and iPod touch. We also won’t rule out the possibility that Apple itself isn’t done tinkering here; there could very well be surprises lying in store for us before that launch date arrives. A two month window is no small matter. Regardless, it’s clear that Apple has taken the ball and is running with it when it comes to touch based computing — the only question is whether they can barrel this thing into the endzone.

Και αυτό μόνο ο χρόνος μπορεί να το δείξει..

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