Confirmed: iPhone OS 3.2 has support for video calling, file downloads, and SMS (update: handwriting keyboard?)

Confirmed: iPhone OS 3.2 has support for video calling, file downloads, and SMS (update: handwriting keyboard?)

We can also confirm that iPhone OS 3.2 supports file downloads and local storage in the browser, which means you’ll be able to pull files off the web and use them in other apps, and there’s at least the beginnings of SMS support buried within the code — a fact we were able to verify with noted iPhone jailbreaker chpwn, who sent in the above screenshot from a hacked-up copy of the iPad simulator. (The simulator always says «iPhone simulator» in the menu bar, but that’s the iPad.) chpwn also tells us he’s found some inklings of actual phone support, there’s a spellchecker, and that both the new landscape orientation for the homescreen and keyboard support appear to be destined for the iPhone itself when 3.2 comes out.

Update: We just got another tip from iPhone jailbreak dev Ryan Petrich, confirming that there’s a spell checker with multiple dictionaries and user-added entries (huzzah!), much richer text support for apps, the ability to selectively draw to external displays (using the VGA or component adapters, we’d imagine), location-aware ads in Maps and possibly other programs that use the Maps API, file upload ability in Safari, a modifiable cut / copy / paste menu, and, most interestingly, prototype support for a «handwriting keyboard.» Maybe we’ll see some stylus action on this thing after all. Peep Ryan’s take after the break.

Μάλλον έχει ξεκινήσει ο δεύτερος γύρος των προβλέψεων και των επιθυμιών, μέχρι να κυκλοφορήσει τελικά η συσκευή και να μάθουμε ακριβώς τι θα περιλαμβάνει.

Κι όταν κυκλοφορήσει και δεν έχει όλα όσα αναφέρονται στα ευρήματα του SDK, πάμε για δεύτερο γύρο γκρίνιας και απογοήτευσης..

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