Apple iPad deal pushes another publisher to renegotiate with Amazon

Apple iPad deal pushes another publisher to renegotiate with Amazon

During his company’s earnings call this week, Murdoch revealed that he doesn’t like the $9.99 pricing currently employed by Amazon because it devalues books and hurts retailers who sell the hardcover editions. But he noted Apple’s content deals for its new iPad allow publishers more flexibility to set prices at a level they believe is fair.

Τώρα καταλαβαίνουμε πως μπορούν να συμβαδίσουν οι φήμες που ήθελαν τα βιβλία να πωλούνται στο iBookStore σε τιμές της τάξεως των $12.99 και $14.99 με την δήλωση του Steve Jobs ότι οι τιμές στο kindle και το iPad θα είναι ίδιες.

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