Enabling innovation isn’t magic.

Enabling innovation isn’t magic.

«Flash technology isn’t open» — The Flash file format specifications are open and unrestricted, so Apple can build their own Flash Player if they want. If Apple wants the source code to the Flash Player, we’re happy to provide it, just as we have to many other device manufacturers.

«Apple doesn’t want to pay for Flash Player» — Apple can put it on the iPad (and iPhone) without paying Adobe or anyone a dime. The Flash Player has always been free to all consumers worldwide, and is available to device makers royalty free through the Open Screen Project. There are dozens of other devices that do that today.

Αφού η Adobe είναι υπεράνω χρημάτων και υπερ της ελευθερίας στο λογισμικό, γιατί δεν καθιστά τον κώδικα του flash ανοικτό και δωρεάν προς όλους;

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