Opera: Mini 5 browser ready for iPhone if Apple will have it

Opera: Mini 5 browser ready for iPhone if Apple will have it

Opera Mini is a browser specifically designed for mobile phones that aren’t capable of running an otherwise full-fledged browser (those of you who surf the Web with regular cell phones may be familiar with it). It sends URL requests to a proxy server run by Opera, which renders a page into an image that is sent to the phone for display. This method typically offers much faster browsing than downloading an entire page and all its resources and rendering it on most underpowered mobiles, and is especially nice for devices limited to EDGE or slower connections.

Opera makes a full-fledged browser for smartphones called Opera Mobile, but that version and its JavaScript interpreter might run afoul of iPhone developer agreement stipulations that prohibit applications form downloading and running executable code or scripts. The way Opera Mini works should not violate that rule, and may be different enough from Mobile Safari that it could be argued it doesn’t duplicate functionality of an Apple-supplied app.

Δεν θα προτιμούσα τον Opera Mini από τον Mobile Safari.

Γιατί να συμβιβαστώ με μία περιορισμένη έκδοση browser την ίδια στιγμή που μπορώ να έχω μία desktop-like εμπειρία;

Θα έχει ενδιαφέρον να δούμε μέσα από την έγκριση/απόρριψη του mini εάν η τακτική της Apple για μη έγκριση Webkit based browsers παραμένει σταθερή.

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