Royalty-free codec still needed despite no-cost h264 license

Royalty-free codec still needed despite no-cost h264 license

A compelling royalty-free codec that meets the needs of all of the major stakeholders in the Web video ecosystem would be advantageous for HTML5 video. If there was an option that could be implemented uniformly in all browsers, it would make it easier for the browser vendors and content distributors to reach consensus. At the present time, HTML5 video implementations do not all consistently support the same codecs. Apple and Google favor h264 while Opera and Mozilla favor the royalty-free Ogg Theora codec.

Although Apple and Google would both likely welcome a viable royalty-free codec, they do not believe that Theora is capable of meeting their needs. Google is concerned about the adequacy of Theora compression for streaming video and Apple is concerned about the general lack of support for hardware-based Theora decoding. Mozilla is unwilling to commit to a proprietary codec that can’t be freely redistributed to end users.

Εάν η στροφή μακρυά από το flash της Adobe στεφθεί με επιτυχία τα προσεχή έτη, η ανάγκη ύπαρξης αυτή τη στιγμή ενός δωρεάν και open source προτύπου καθίσταται όχι μόνο αναγκαία αλλά και επείγουσα.

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