The Microsofting of Apple?

The Microsofting of Apple?

Take the iPad, which instantly shed the moniker «Jesus tablet» once it saw the light of day. It’s a blown-up iPod Touch, rolled out not to be insanely great but to give Apple an entry in the netbook derby. The iPad may not be the best Web-browsing machine simply because Apple refuses to support Flash, which delivers 75% of the video on the Web. But the iPad (an anagram for paid) looks like a good device for consuming the e-books, music and video sold through Apple’s online service. In fact, let’s not mince words: The iPad looks like a device optimized to patronize the iTunes store.

Νομίζω  πως ο συντάκτης του άρθρου έχει μπερδέψει λίγο τα πράγματα και μάλλον το παράκανε με τις θεωρίες συνομοσίας.

Έχασα το ενδιαφέρον μου μόλις διάβασα ότι το iPad είναι ένας αναγραμματισμός του paid.

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