Upcoming Outlook for Mac remains shrouded in mystery

Upcoming Outlook for Mac remains shrouded in mystery

On the upside, the new database means that Time Machine users won’t have to pull their hair out every time they get a new e-mail, causing Time Machine to back up a massive file every single time. More importantly, Mac users will finally be able to take advantage of Information Rights Management (IRM), allowing them to send and interact with messages that are secure. (Previously, if an Outlook user sent an e-mail with no-print restrictions within the organization, for example, a Mac user would get the e-mail and the subject, but would not be able to read the e-mail at all until the sender sent it without IRM or the user switched to Windows.)

Ελπίζω η καινούρια έκδοση της Office να είναι γραμμένη σε Cocoa και όχι σε Carbon για να μπορούμε να εκμεταλλευτούμε και τον ελληνικό ορθογράφο του συστήματος.

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