Custom Apple A4 iPad chip estimated to be $1 billion investment

Custom Apple A4 iPad chip estimated to be $1 billion investment

«Apple, Nvidia and Qualcomm are designing their own takes on ARM-based mobile chips that will be made by the contract foundries,» the report said. «Even without the direct investment of a factory, it can cost these companies about $1 billion to create a smartphone chip from scratch.»

Building a factory, the report said, would cost a company about $3 billion. And as chip makers prepare to fight over who will supply processors for the next generation of devices, «the chip wars,» the report noted, «are about to become even more bloody.»

Με τόσο ισχυρές (και πλούσιες) εταιρείες να επενδύουν στους ARM, οι επεξεργαστές αυτοί σίγουρα θα μας απασχολήσουν αρκετά στο μέλλον.

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