Is Apple Adding an Explicit Category to the App Store?

Is Apple Adding an Explicit Category to the App Store?

An iTunes Connect screenshot reveals that Apple may be adding a new «Explicit» category for iPhone applications, according to a CultofMac report.

The site received the screenshot below from a developer who said, “Looks like Apple are adding a category called Explicit to the App Store.»

«It’s available for selection when adding a new app to iTunesConnect although I can’t see any sign of it in the actual App Store yet.”

Οι εφαρμογές που απέρριψαν->ενέκριναν με γονικό έλεγχο->απέσυραν->επαναφέρουν σε ξεχωριστή κατηγορία? έχουν αρχίσει να αποκτούν περισσότερη προσοχή απ’ όση δικαιούνται.

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