Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update now live, ready to be dodged

Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update now live, ready to be dodged

Remember that polarizing Windows 7 Activation Technologies Update we told you about? You know, the one that helps you to «verify that the copy of Windows 7 that is running on your computer is activated correctly and is genuine?» It’s available for download now through Windows Update, and it’s not particularly easy to spot. The main label simply says «Update for Windows 7,» though we’d be sure to avoid KB971033 if you weren’t up for having this thing looking into your business.

Η «γάτα» περνά στην αντεπίθεση, όλο και κάτι θα σκεφτούν οι «ποντικοί» για να.. ξεφύγουν από τα νύχια της

Αν σας αρέσουν τα Windows 7, αγοράστε τα! Αν πάλι δεν σας αρέσουν, πάρτε Mac :-p

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