Yahoo Is Trying to Connect to the Social Boom Without Stepping in It Like Google Buzz

Yahoo Is Trying to Connect to the Social Boom Without Stepping in It Like Google Buzz

Some think outsourcing the job to more capable companies is yet another monument to Yahoo’s failure at its own much touted plans to socialize itself.

And while that is true to a large extent, BoomTown is not so sure it’s a bad idea, especially compared to the flailing experienced by Google (GOOG) recently with its own attempts to compete with Facebook and Twitter via the rollout of Google Buzz.

That’s certainly turned out to be a confusing mishmash so far and most definitely a privacy quagmire for the search giant, which–let’s be honest–might not be able to grok social even if it got poked in the head relentlessly.

Το Twitter αποτελεί αναμφίβολα ένα σύγχρονο μέσο ενημέρωσης, η συμπερίληψη των «κελαηδισμάτων» σε μία σελίδα αναζήτησης φαίνεται λογική, εφόσον όμως προκύπτει έπειτα από κατάλληλο φιλτράρισμα.

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