Mac OS X market share up 29%, Leopard still most common

Mac OS X market share up 29%, Leopard still most common

The analytics company noted that Windows share held steady for the last three months, following the introduction of Windows 7. But January repented a decline once again following a strong holiday season during which Apple sold 3.36 million Macs.

Mac OS X share also grew 7 percent between December and January, and also saw 5.2 percent quarterly growth. Windows saw a 0.9 percent increase in both monthly and quarterly share.

The greatest growth in Web use has been on mobile devices. Quantcast found that mobile operating systems increased their presence by 123.8 percent year-over-year in January. But even with that tremendous growth, mobile devices still represent just 1.3 percent of total Web use.

Μόνο 1.3% της συνολικής χρήσης του διαδικτύου γίνεται από φορητές συσκευές.

Κάποιες φορές χανόμαστε στον μικρόκοσμο των tech enthousiasts και νούμερα όπως αυτά μας προσγειώνουν απότομα στην πραγματικότητα!

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