Encouraged by iPhone market, Nuance announces new medical apps

Encouraged by iPhone market, Nuance announces new medical apps

Nuance estimates that by the end of next year, 81% of physicians will be using smartphones. More interesting is that the company research shows the iPhone breaking away from the pack of other smartphones to be the preferred device in the medical enterprise. According to the Nuance research, the Blackberry is still the leading smartphone among physicians, but the iPhone growth is explosive and almost doubled in use by physicians between 2008 and 2009. In a July survey of Medical Students it was found that 45% owned an iPhone or an iPod touch. Of those who did not own a smartphone, 60% planned to buy an iPhone or iPod touch within a year.

O ιατρικός τομέας αποτελεί αναμφίβολα ένα ελκυστικό επιχειρηματικό μοντέλο, όχι μόνο για το iPhone αλλά και για το iPad.

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