Thumbplay Moves From Ringtones to Mobile Music, Hires Apple Exec

Thumbplay Moves From Ringtones to Mobile Music, Hires Apple Exec

New York-based Thumbplay used to be known as a big player in the ringtone business, but ringtones were last decade’s Pet Rock, so it needs something new. Music subscriptions certainly aren’t novel, but no one has really been successful with them so far, so this would indeed be a novelty. Thumbplay’s pitch sounds like those of a lot of its peers. For $10 a month, you can listen to as much music as you want, but you don’t actually own any of the tunes. If you want, you can buy individual songs at the same price points (69 cents to $1.29) used by iTunes. The company says it has licensing deals with all four big labels and a catalog of eight million tracks.

Το συνδρομητικό μοντέλο με βάση το οποίο ο χρήστης ενοικιάζει την μουσική χωρίς ποτέ να του ανήκει δεν έχει αποδώσει μέχρι στιγμής..

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