Why doesn’t Apple get Intel’s best chips anymore?

Why doesn’t Apple get Intel’s best chips anymore?

If Nvidia is the short term problem, Apple’s A4 chip is the long term problem. While Intel thought it had a shot to be in Apple’s iPhone and then iPad, Apple was busy making a competitor to Intel’s Atom line of ultra-low power chips. The A4 is built on the ARM architecture that will soon be making its way into low cost Netbooks, Intel’s fastest growing market. As ARM designs increase in horsepower over the next couple of years, AppleTVs, then Mac Minis and then MacBooks will all be candidates for Apple’s chips.

Πολύ καλό άρθρο, αναδεικνύει ορισμένα πολύ ενδιαφέροντα σημεία και δίνει πειστικά επιχειρήματα για την καθυστέρηση που παρατηρείται στην κυκλοφορία των αναβαθμισμένων μοντέλων MacBook Pros.

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