New Potato’s FLPR IR dongle gives your iPhone home automation capabilities

New Potato’s FLPR IR dongle gives your iPhone home automation capabilities

This one connects to the dock connector, and when used with the accompanying app, it can control lights, stereo systems, home cinemas and pretty much anything that allows dictation via IR. The best part just might be said app, as it allows users to search a database of over 14,000 device codes and just add the products they already own, which means that you’ll probably only be stuck programming that LaserDisc player you refuse to give up.

Alanitis, αυτό τι σου λέει; Καλό ε;

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One Comment στο “New Potato’s FLPR IR dongle gives your iPhone home automation capabilities”

  1. Aristos Lanitis Says:

    Πρέπει να το δοκιμάσω! Θα συνοδεύει άριστα μια εναλλακτική λύση που επεξεργαζομαι με 2 mac mini με AirTunes


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