Palm: Pre Plus Price Down to $29.99 on

Palm: Pre Plus Price Down to $29.99 on

C.L. King analyst Lawrence Harris, who pointed out the lower prices in a research note today, has chopped his FY May 2010 EPS estimate to a loss of $1.30, from a loss of $1.23; for FY 2011 he goes to a loss of $1.10, from a loss of 50 cents. Harris writes that the revised estimates reflect the expected costs of the company’s new advertising program and the greater discounting on phones. He notes that there has been a slight pick-up in sales of the Pre Plus in Verizon stores since the launch of new ads, but the rampant discounting has him worried about channel inventories.

Σε λίγο θα βγουν στον δρόμο και θα τα χαρίζουν..

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