Apple is Reorganizing the App Store for the iPad Launch

Apple is Reorganizing the App Store for the iPad Launch

Apple has reportedly designated about 20 «top-level» categories for books, including «Fiction & Literature», «Reference,» «Romance,» «Cookbooks» and «Comics & Graphic Novels.» Below those categories lie more than 150 sub-categories, including some very specific genres, such as «Manga» under «Comics & Graphic Novels,» «Special Ingredients» under «Cookbooks,» and «Etiquette» under «Reference.» Some sub-categories, such as «Fantasy» and «Science Fiction & Literature,» even have sub-sub-categories («Historical» and «Paranormal,» for example.) There are also two sections for «Erotica» books; one under «Fiction & Literature» and one under «Romance.»

Η προετοιμασίες συνεχίζονται..

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