Surprise: iPhone app use heaviest at night and on weekends

Surprise: iPhone app use heaviest at night and on weekends

This usage pattern is typical for a device that is used for personal rather than business reasons. However, it’s also possible that business users are either sticking to Apple’s supplied apps or are using custom-developed in-house apps for specific business needs. For instance, a business user is more likely to fire up Mail or Calendar than, say, Tweetie or Plants vs Zombies during the work day. Localytics notes that it expects to find similar usage patterns for the iPad, and that developers may want to consider these patterns when designing apps for either platform.

Αν συνυπολογίσουμε την χρήση των iPod touch δεν είναι περίεργο που η χρήση της συσκευής κλίνει περισσότερο προς την προσωπική.

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