Blackberry Push Service Now Available to All Blackberry Apps

Blackberry Push Service Now Available to All Blackberry Apps

The BlackBerry Application Platform allows applications to run in the background and when new information is pushed to the device from the application server, that app wakes up and provides the content to the user. The app is not constantly asking servers to see if there’s new info. You don’t want to know the weather every 15 minutes; you want to know when it will affect you – immediately. Another plus for BlackBerry users is optimized battery life. The repeated polling for information that other «push» products require is likely to result in additional battery drain, compared to BlackBerry Push Service and could cause excessive traffic on the application’s servers from constant requests.

Τα push notifications είναι μία εξαιρετική υλοποίηση multitasking για φορητές συσκευές.

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