Mozilla, Video, and Mobile Computing

Mozilla, Video, and Mobile Computing

Put another way, “open and better” is a recipe for success; “open but worse” is a recipe for obscurity. Popular video publishing sites aren’t going to use Ogg Theora instead of H.264, and I think they’re very unlikely to support it in addition to H.264, either. Encoding and storage are expensive; supporting both would at least double those costs.

So, even those using the latest version of Firefox will be treated like they’re using a legacy browser. Mozilla’s intransigence in the name of “openness” will result in Firefox users being served video using the closedFlash Player plugin, and behind the scenes the video is likely to be encoded using H.264 anyway.

H καινούρια έκδοση του IE 9 η οποία θα υποστηρίζει HTML5, έδωσε κι αυτή με τη σειρά της περαιτέρω ώθηση στην τελική(;) υιοθέτηση του H.264.

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