Intel falling behind on new laptop chips, Apple may not be first in line

Intel falling behind on new laptop chips, Apple may not be first in line

We know that Intel and Apple’s relationship isn’t what it once was even a year ago. A few years ago, they were getting processors ahead of launch and Intel even built the original MacBook Air its very own chip. Now things are a bit different, which may be a reason why MacBook Proshaven’t been updated to the current generation processors (released in January). Digitimestoday says that:

Intel is giving priority to major clients [Acer], and second-tier and smaller notebook players have to wait much longer before receiving supply of the CPUs, the sources noted.

Εάν αυτό ισχύει, δεν θα με εκπλήξει εάν στο μέλλον η Apple αφήσει την Intel για την AMD ή κάποια άλλη εταιρεία με την οποία θα μπορεί να συνεργάζεται πιο στενά για τον σχεδιασμό των chips.

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