PCMag offers «best» alternatives to Apple products, redefines «best» in process

PCMag offers «best» alternatives to Apple products, redefines «best» in process

Hoping to appeal to those who have some innate desire to not buy from Apple due to «a limited budget or an anti-Apple stance,» PCMag put together a list of «alternative» products to Apple gear like the iPhone, iPod touch & iPod shuffle. The headline will surely grab attention, but as a friend of mine used to say, «Is there any meat in that sandwich?»

Απολαυστικό άρθρο, αφού μόνο με κωμική διάθεση μπορεί να το εκλάβει κάποιος. 🙂

To recap: the article begins by grossly exaggerating the price of a MacBook Pro, then goes on to call the $1700 MacBook Pro «laptop perfection» but suggests that you spend over $100 more on an alternative.

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