Vodafone Spain replacing microSD cards on 3,000 virus-infected handsets

Vodafone Spain replacing microSD cards on 3,000 virus-infected handsets

It looks like the virus-strewn HTC Magic that was recently purchased from Vodafone UK is only the tip of the iceberg. According to Vodafone Spain, some 3,000 users in all may have been exposed to Mariposa malware — which used the handset’s storage to make its way to customer’s PCs via USB, leading the company to replace the microSD cards for infected customers. The company also says that that the incident is «isolated and local,» but with the number of infections rising from one in the UK to 3,000 in Spain in just over a week we wouldn’t be surprised this story was just heating up.

Το Android θα χρειαστεί να επιλύσει αυτού του είδους τα προβλήματα εάν θέλει να διεισδύσει στον επαγγελματικό τομέα.

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