Found footage: 1993 Steve Jobs interview on Paul Rand

Found footage: 1993 Steve Jobs interview on Paul Rand

While Rand didn’t design the current Apple logo (which is a derivative of the multicolored Apple logo designed by Rob Janoff), his work is well respected in Apple circles. When Apple launched its «Think Different» campaign, it chose to feature Paul Rand on a print ad.

Known for his attention to detail and treating Apple employees as «artists» — and verbally berating them if their work didn’t meet his expectations — Jobs called Paul Rand «a gem.» «[Paul is] a pure artist that is very astute at solving business problems,» Jobs said in the interview.

O Jobs έχει την εξαιρετική ικανότητα να εντοπίζει το ταλέντο των ανθρώπων και να το αξιοποιεί με τον καλύτερο δυνατό τρόπο.

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