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iPad Unsurprisingly Registering Most Popular With Affluent Young Adults Already Owning Apple Products

«The most interested potential iPad customers see it primarily as a music device, or for its internet access capabilities,» said Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD. «Considering what people are planning to use the iPad for, it’s not hard to understand why people who have these capabilities on other devices, such as the iPod Touch or a notebook/netbook, may not want to spend $500 or more on a similar device. This points to the need for Apple to close the content deals that focus the iPad on what is likely to be its best long-range value proposition around high quality media consumption.»

iPad App Store Reveals Launch Apps, Top Seller Lists, App Details

Apple has begun putting together the iPad-specific App Store in anticipation of the upcoming iPad launch. iPad-only Apps have begun to be approved and organized. MacRumors has managed to access the iPad’s best seller lists which reveal several of the iPad App Store launch titles. The lists show several dozen applications with release dates as far back as March 19th.

New screenshots of iPad apps start to make this thing seem less like a giant iPhone

We already knew that the iPad would be getting a few pieces of software that haven’t shown up on its tinier, phone counterpart — but now that a few screenshots of forthcoming apps for the device have reared their head, we’re getting a clearer picture of just what this thing will feel like.

Apple acquires iPad trademark from Fujitsu

Fujitsu originally began using the iPad trademark in 2003 for its Windows CE-based handheld devices aimed at mobile Point Of Sale in retail (pictured below), a couple years after Apple introduced the iPod. The company was assigned the iPad trademark for a «hand-held computing device for wireless networking in a retail environment.»

Apple launching iPad with explicit content in App Store

Links to new «explicit software» categories in iTunes indicate that Apple plans to finally deliver adult content for both the iPad and for existing iPhone OS devices, segregated from other content with parental controls in the same way that iTunes has long sold music with explicit lyrics.

Yahoo iPad app detailed

Yahoo is getting into the iPad with their own special app.

Best Buy leaks iPad launch playbook

Best Buy is going to be carrying the iPad Wifi at launch, in case you hadn’t heard. According to this screenshot from Engadget, they’ll also be doing a big iPad ad on April 11th. Other than that, the details pretty much line up with previous reports (Only 675 nationwide Best Buy Apple Shopswill carry the iPad, not mobile stores…yet).

iPad Camera Connection Kit now on Apple Store, ships late April $29

The iPad Camera Connection Kits have finally hit the Apple Store and show a shipping time of Late April. On this, we’re still wondering is if you’ll be able to use these things as storage for videos and music as well. For instance, you buy a few cheap 32GB SD cards and a $30 Camera connection kit and you have more storage than a 64GB iPad. Apple, thinking ahead, has made it pretty unwieldy and probably won’t let you play media directly from the reader anyway.

Apple runs out of first week’s worth of iPads, now pushed back to April 12th. In-store pickup option removed.

If you haven’t already ordered your iPad, you’ll now have to wait to April 12th to get your hands on one, according to Apple’s Website. The Wifi models have moved from an April 3rd delivery date to April 12th, signaling that Apple has run out of its first week’s worth of Wifi iPads. We already knew that demand is pretty strong, and this is another indication that sales will be brisk.

BuzzVoice comes to the iPad

Back in October we wrote a very positive reviewof the impressive BuzzVoice app for the iPhone and iPod touch. BuzzVoice reads you stories from over 1500 blogs and plays them back in various ways. The playback sound amazingly natural allowing you to choose a male or female voice, or both.

Tilt! Preview photos of The Pinball for iPad and Mac OS X

With just one week left until iPad Saturday, we’re starting to see some amazing software coming out. One of the more intriguing games that we’ve seen is The Pinball for iPad fromGameprom.

What will iPad magazine covers look like?

He says with the iPad there’s no longer a strict landscape limitation for video. «Maybe you want your vid to appear full screen in portrait mode? Maybe you need a long, tall video banner-ad on the side of a digital magazine page? I think we’re going to start seeing a lot more vertically shot video soon,» Jesse wrote on his website.

Πυρετός προετοιμασιών από την Apple, τους μεταπωλητές και τους δημιουργούς!

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