Mapquest App brings free basic turn by turn voice instructions

Mapquest App brings free basic turn by turn voice instructions

One area where the iPhone currently lags behind Android 2.1 phones is Mapping. The iPhone maps application has only had minor updates since its unveiling in 2007 and isn’t great for car usage. Sure you can buy $100 apps that give you full turn by turn directions but most don’t give you what Google’s free full solution does. We’d be surprised if that wasn’t addressed in the iPhone 4.0 OS, though.

In the meantime, Mapquest today updated their free iPhone app to include «basic» voice turn-by-turn functionality. We’ve yet to try this but it’s probably the best we’ll see until June. Download it now for iPhone here.

Νομίζω πως στην έκδοση 4.0 η Apple θα προσφέρει τους δικούς της χάρτες, ακολουθώντας τα βήματα των Google, Microsoft, Nokia.

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