T-Mobile offering up to $350 off an HD2 in exchange for your iPhone, soul

T-Mobile offering up to $350 off an HD2 in exchange for your iPhone, soul

T-Mobile appears to be running a promotion at certain locations through May 19 that would give between $100 and $350 off of a new HD2 for anyone trading in a working handset. Frankly we don’t figure too many dedicated iPhoners will be taking this opportunity to hop onto the Windows Mobile train but, if you can get yourself a cheap old handset from a friend who upgraded, you might just be able to snag yourself a hefty discount on a hunky new smartphone.

Μάλλον αυτό εννοούσαν όσοι προέβλεπαν ότι η T-Μobile θα αποκτήσει εντός του έτους το iPhone :p

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