iSuppli: $499 iPad components estimated at $260

iSuppli: $499 iPad components estimated at $260

It’s easy to conclude that another company could buy $260 worth of parts and make an iPad-like device and sell it for less, and that’s probably true. But that doesn’t account for things like research and development, design and engineering costs, or the effort that goes into iPhone OS (or any other software, for that matter). Whether the fit and finish Apple puts on its hardware are worth the extra cost or not is, of course, an entirely different matter.

Η πραγματική αξία μίας συσκευής τεχνολογίας δεν μπορεί να υπολογιστεί απλά με την άθροιση των εξόδων που απαιτούνται για την συναρμολόγηση της.

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