iPhone OS 4 to Bring iBooks to iPhone and iPod Touch

iPhone OS 4 to Bring iBooks to iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple today announced that iBooks, its App Store ebook reader application released for the iPad in the U.S. last week, will be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch as part of iPhone OS 4 later this year. The iPhone version of iBooks will also offer access to the company’s iBookstore, a marketplace where users can purchase and download ebook content.

Currently available only in the United States, Apple has been making plans to extend access internationally, a process that is taking some time to execute due to the complexity of geographic distribution deals with publishers.

Οι χρήστες θα μπορούν να διαβάσουν τα βιβλία που έχουν αγοράσει μέσω του iBookstore στο iPad και στο iPhone.

Θα είχε μεγάλο ενδιαφέρον εάν η Apple δημιουργούσε και εκδόσεις του iBooks και PCs και MACs!

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