Apple removes Google branding from iPhone OS 4 search

Apple removes Google branding from iPhone OS 4 search

The «Google» button that appears on the soft keyboards of existing iPhones when conducting a Web search has been changed to simply read «Search» in the beta of iPhone OS 4, removing a reference to Apple’s rival.

The change was already made in iPhone OS 3.2 for the iPad, but the iPhone OS 4 beta for the iPhone shows that the subtle tweak, asdiscovered by iLounge, will likely make its way to Apple’s handset when the software upgrade is released this summer. In the current iPhone OS 3.1.3, using Safari’s search function offers a blue «Google» button in the bottom right corner of the touchscreen keyboard.

Η εποχή της αρμονικής συνεργασίας των δύο έχει παρέλθει ανεπιστρεπτί!

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