Its all about the framework…

Its all about the framework…

So, if you will indulge my claim that backwards compatibility is hard (even absent the private API issue) it is pretty easy to see why supporting other runtimes is ceding a lot of control to a 3rd party. Imagine if 10% of the apps on iPhone came from Flash. If that was the case, then ensuring Flash didn’t break release to release would be a big deal, much bigger than any other compatibility issues. Since Apple doesn’t have access to Flash CS5’s runtime library code or compiler frontend, they might be put in a position where they would need to coordinate with Adobe to resolve those issues. Shipping a new release where Apple breaks any specific application, even a top seller, is not an issue if the release is compelling, most apps work, and Apple has the option of working with the vendor to help them fix their app. Shipping a release where they break a large percentage of apps is not generally an option. Letting any of these secondary runtimes develop a significant base of applications in the store risks putting Apple in a position where the company that controls that runtime can cause delays in Apple’s release schedule, or worse, demand specific engineering decisions from Apple, under the threat of withholding the information necessary to keep their runtime working.

Ενδιαφέρον άρθρο και εξίσου ενδιαφέροντα σχόλια από τους αναγνώστες:

As you pointed out, Adobe could have had a working version of Flash 10.1 out on Android a year ago, but didn’t. It could have come up with a Flash 10.1 for RIM but didn’t. And, despite what Adobe says, it still doesn’t have a Flash 10.1 out. In fact, the only mobile device that runs Flash 10.1 is the JooJoo pad, and it does such a rotten job (poor frame rates and drained battery life) that I almost think that the JooJoo pad was an evil plot by Apple to «prove» that Flash is bad.

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