Blogger insists Adobe will sue Apple over CS5 iPhone app tools

Blogger insists Adobe will sue Apple over CS5 iPhone app tools

This all happened before

Apple ran into similar problems back in the early 90s, when all the application developers that had started their businesses on the Macintosh began seeking lowest common denominator ways to sell their apps to both Mac users and Windows PC users. This resulted in developers largely ignoring all the new features Apple developed for the Mac OS, including QuickDraw GX and PowerTalk.

Rather than developing apps for the Mac, developers such as Microsoft and Adobe began creating their own internal platforms that then tacked a Mac-native front end onto their new general purpose code. The result was that Apple suddenly became powerless to push its third party Mac developers to support the platform’s unique features, resulting in increasingly less differentiation between the Mac and Windows PCs.

Ten years later, Apple similarly had a difficult time trying to convince its third party developers to natively support its new Mac OS X operating system. Adobe refused to bring many of its Mac apps to the new Carbon environment Apple created expressly to facilitate easy porting to Mac OS X; among the list of apps that never made the transition were FrameMaker and Premiere. Adobe didn’t even bring Photoshop to Mac OS X as a native app until 2005.

Similarly, while Adobe joined Apple on stage in announcing the migration of the Mac to Intel in 2005, Adobe didn’t release a Universal Binary version of its core apps until early 2007. The company never updated its existing Creative Suite 2 apps, nor the Studio 8 suite it had acquired from Macromedia.

Η υπόθεση θυμίζει και λίγο από την δικαστική διαμάχη της Apple με την Psystar.

Και είδαμε πως αυτό κατέληξε..

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