Chronicles of Conflict: the History of Adobe vs. Apple

Chronicles of Conflict: the History of Adobe vs. Apple

And Adobe reviewed its resources for Macromedia’s Flash, and it assigned a development team of four full time employees to maintain development of the Windows version of Flash Player. For the Mac version, it had a half time assignment for one employee who was not a Mac expert. And so Flash Player for Mac continued to be unstable and serve as the number one cause of crashes system wide for Mac OS X, and would regularly consume 100% of the Mac’s CPU in a spin lock while idle. And the people blamed Apple, and Apple was greatly annoyed.

Μία χιουμοριστική ανασκόπηση στην ιστορία και στις σχέσεις των δύο εταιρειών, οι οποίες τον τελευταίο καιρό έχουν οδηγηθεί σε αδιέξοδο.

And Adobe cursed Apple and Steve Jobs and made great noises and gnashed its teeth and ripped its garments apart and scraped its festering boils with shards of pottery. And Steve Jobs did not listen. And so Adobe said we shall built a tower to heaven, and our Flash Professional shall create an army of App Store titles based on Flash games, and Creative Suite 5 shall trump Steve Jobs and his refusal to license Flash Player. And Steve Jobs looked down upon the tower and he confused their languages with SDK section 3.3.1 and interest in Flash Professional CS5 was scattered.

Το αγαπημένο μου απόσπασμα από το κείμενο! 🙂

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