Review: Opera Mini for iPhone different, not exactly better

Review: Opera Mini for iPhone different, not exactly better

The idea behind this is that Opera Mini should be faster to download and render Web content, and should look much better than some phones’ anemic and/or WAP-only browsers. Opera Mini is quite popular on some other platforms, and Opera claims that it has over 50 million users worldwide. Unfortunately for Opera Mini for iPhone, though, Mobile Safari has raised our expectations of what a mobile browser should be.

When it comes to rendering quality, Mobile Safari wipes the floor with Opera Mini. WebKit is a great rendering engine, and far and away the most popular one on mobile devices—it’s in webOS, Android, and Symbian in addition to iPhone OS. Webpages render about as fast as the iPhone can download them, layouts look the same as their desktop counterparts, and type and graphics look great.

Ο Opera mini ξυπνά αναμνήσεις από ένα παλαιότερο internet σε φορητές συσκευές, αυτό που ο Mobile Safari μας βοήθησε να αφήσουμε πίσω μας..

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