Steve Jobs Addresses Concerns Over Mac OS X 10.7 and New MacBook Pros

Steve Jobs Addresses Concerns Over Mac OS X 10.7 and New MacBook Pros

MacRumors reports that one customer emailed Steve Jobs upset about the fact that the new 13″ MacBook Pro doesn’t use Intel Core i5 and i7 processors but rather sticks with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a custom NVIDIA GeForce 320 integrated graphics solution.

Jobs responded saying, We chose killer graphics plus 10 hour battery life over a very small CPU speed increase. Users will see far more performance boost from the speedy graphics.

A 9to5Mac reader emailed Steve Jobs worried that resources were being diverted from Mac OS X 10.7 to work on the iPhone OS.

I was wondering, is it true that the iPhone 4 is cutting into OSX development causing a delay, as a big Mac user, this is of huge concern to me. I just hope your balancing development and working as much as you can. Is OSX development still a huge priority? I have a worry that Apple is branching away from computers and not updating their computer customers as much.

Jobs responded:

No. Not to worry.

I really like this new Steve Jobs, he’s way cooler!

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