Apple granted design patent for original iPhone, iPod touch

Apple granted design patent for original iPhone, iPod touch

Apple may have enough patents and patent applications to wallpaper its entire Cupertino campus, but we’re guessing this is one it’s been especially eager to get: a design patent for the original iPhone and iPod touch. That, of course, covers the «ornamental design» of the devices and not their functionality, which means that any other devices that look a little too similar are now treading on even more dangerous territory than before. As with other Apple patents, you’ll find Jonathan P. Ives and Steve (no «P») Jobs listed among the fourteen inventors, and you’ll also find plenty of references to earlier patents and other relevant devices — including a pointer to none other than one of our posts on the infamous Meizu M8.

Πιθανότατα θα την χρησιμοποιήσουν για να αποτρέψουν την κυκλοφορία κινεζικών απομιμήσεων κι ενδεχομένως η ανακοίνωση και μόνο να ξαναστείλει κάποιες πολύ όμοιες συσκευές μεγάλων κατασκευαστών πίσω στα γραφεία των σχεδιαστών πριν την τελική κυκλοφορία τους στην αγορά.

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