Opera Mini for iPhone fails Acid3 test

Opera Mini for iPhone fails Acid3 test

Opera Mini scales back rendering quality by stripping a variety of features from web pages as they pass through Opera’s proxy server. Fonts appear to all be replaced with Helvetica, graphics can be heavily compressed, and the entire structure of the page is translated from HTML into a markup language called OBML (Opera Binary Markup Language).

This breaks much of the functionally of JavaScript and erases the benefits of using SSL encryption. However, it can result in a big boost in page delivery and rendering times, particularly on a slow mobile connection, if rendering accuracy and security aren’t important considerations for that web browsing session.

Στο test αποτυγχάνει ακόμη και ο Mobile Safari, αν και καταφέρνει να σκοράρει 100/100, λόγω ατελειών στο rendering.

Browsers can score 100/100 and still fail the test if they do not correctly render the final page of graphics to a pixel-level precision. Additionally, there is also a performance component to the text, although this is not usually taken into consideration on mobile browsers.

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